Should influencers be compared to jounalists?

“Instagrammed” by Jurgen Leckie is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0 

I believe influencers cannot be compared with journalists. In my opinion, influencers are in the entertainment industry. They have some common aspects, such as worrying about having a good image and credibility, but they’re two completely different jobs.

Besides worrying about their good image, an influencer must have a good position in social media, and keep their social networks always up to date. Influencers work through social media and the web, they must be constantly updating their social media and uploading new content to their website or YouTube channel. They’re responsible for valuing brands, marketing products and creating content. In addition, part of the influencers’ strategy is to connect with their audience, and interact with it. According to Mariliana Torres, a journalist for the Metro PR newspaper who inspired this blog post, says: “influencers are leaders of brands and social trends.”

However, journalists need academic preparation to start their career, while influencers only need a cell phone, internet, and an audience. Also, journalists work for the media and do not market products, unless that’s their specialty. Usually, journalists write for a mass audience, while influencers create content for a more specific audience.

In conclusion, influencers should not be compared to journalists. They do not inform the people in an objective way, academic preparation is not a requirement for their work, nor do they go after the search for truth. They market products that brands pay them for doing, and upload the content that their audience wants to see.

… and that’s the tea!


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